Welcome to sit.stay.speak


“sit.stay.speak promises to be the prime time hit of the season.”
–Mary Hart

“This site will remove stains from old fabrics, hold up to 350 pounds of weight, dry an entire pack of wet dingos, and organize your cabinets for good!”
–Billy Mays

“Can you get any more predictable? A lefty, artsy farsty type whining about politics and pseudo vegetarian cooking. I mean come on people, don’t we have anything better to read?”
–Bill O’Reilly

“I wanted to have a place online where I can organize my thoughts, write about the subjects that interest me most, and share these ideas with friends.”
–Kristin Harrison*

*The only real endorsement for sit. stay. speak, all others were written by b-list celebrity impersonators.

2 responses to “Welcome to sit.stay.speak

  1. my back feels great after using sit. stay.speak for just one month!–don

  2. I lost 50 lbs in 2 weeks on sit.stay.speak and I ate anything I wanted and didn’t exercise once!

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